Boundary agreements, grants of rights, deeds of covenant

Attention to detail is paramount

Boundary Agreements
Land Registry and conveyance plans only set out general boundaries and often the position on the ground is different. Should you wish to rectify any discrepancies at the Land Registry, we can draft bespoke boundary agreements and liaise with the Land Registry to update title plans.

Grants of Rights
Neighbouring properties will often share the use of access roads, drains or a septic tank without any rights having been granted in a deed. In order to formalise the position and register the rights at Land Registry, a deed of grant is required and we will be pleased to draft this on your behalf.

Deeds of Covenant
Often the owners of neighbouring properties will agree to restrict the use of land by entering into covenants. A covenant could prevent a trade or business from being conducted on the land or it could restrict the future development of the land. A deed of covenant is required and we specialise in drafting and negotiating deeds to either create or release covenants over land.

  • After an initial consultation, we can offer you a fixed fee or work on an hourly rate basis to suit your requirements
  • We work with a number of surveyors and mapping specialists who can provide Land Registry compliant plans
  • We offer site inspections and provide specialist advice on what is required to comply with Land Registration rules

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