Registration of land

No stone is left unturned

Although the Land Registry was founded in 1862 to provide a centralised register of land and bring clarity to property ownership, registration did not become compulsory in all parts of the country until relatively recently, for example 1987 in the Lake District.

Whereas registered title is set out clearly in one document, the title to unregistered land is contained in a succession of historic conveyances collectively referred to as title deeds and this is often a large bundle.

In order to register the title deeds successfully a conveyancer must examine each document to ensure that there are no discrepancies and that the plan is adequate.

We are specialists in dealing with unregistered land and would be pleased to register your unregistered property either prior to a sale or to establish a clear title that will make dealing with an inherited property much more straightforward.

  • After an initial consultation, we can offer you a fixed fee or work on an hourly rate basis to suit your requirements
  • We work with a number of surveyors and mapping specialists who can provide Land Registry compliant plans
  • We offer site inspections and provide specialist advice on what is required to comply with Land Registration rules

For a no obligation consultation or quotation please contact Peter Dodd.